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Foothills Cowboys Association RENEWAL Membership Form 2018


Foothills Cowboys Association NEW Membership Form 2018

DEADLINE FOR MEMBERSHIP is noon the day before CALL IN ENTRIES for each Rodeo – check the Rodeo Schedule

FCA has switched to AUTO DEPOSIT of your Rodeo Winnings – a VOID CHECK or FORM FROM YOUR BANK  should be be sent in with your M/S form – NO PAPER CHECKS WILL BE ISSUED.

MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE – free 2018 Membership to any member who secures a $1000 sponsorship for the 2018 COWBOY CLASSIC FINALS. 1/2 free Membership to any member who secures a $500 sponsorship for the 2018 COWBOY CLASSIC FINALS. Call the office for details.

MEMBERSHIP INSURANCE – please be informed that $18 of your membership goes towards Membership Insurance.  Covers: 1. Accidental death/dismemberment, 2. Ambulance, prescriptions,  physio therapy, brace, wheelchair, upgrade of hospital room, 3. injury must happen at a FCA Sanctioned Rodeo, 4. no short or long term disability.  Claim forms are available from the office, make sure if you go to a doctor or a hospital that you get a doctor’s report of injury.

No Membership will be processed without a current Membership Application.  2 forms are linked, Re-newing members have a shorter form but still need to complete it. Payment can be made by E-transfer, Visa, Mastercard or check. If no form comes in within 30 days of your payment, your membership will be reimbursed. Please check with the office if you think you may have outstanding fines. No 2018  Membership will be issued to anyone if they are on the SUSPENDED LIST until the amount owing is cleared.

NOTE: CPRA RULE – regarding their full card holders competing at Amateur Rodeos

NEW RULE FOR 2015:  If during a rodeo season a CPRA full member competes at any recognized Canadian amateur rodeo association finals they will be dropped down to a semi pro status, and Canadian Finals points will be removed.  ** source: Canadian Pro Rodeo News – March 2015 (page 18)

 FCA Objectives (under Bylaw Section of Rulebook)  (a) To organize and promote a circuit of Rodeo Contestants to afford the opportunity to the members to engage in rodeo competition; to assist, encourage and work for the benefit of novices and other cowboys contestants and generally organize rodeo contestants who are not members of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.